Pest control in our state has a vast amount of pests that are hard to shift once the house is infested. It’s a challenge at best to put pests to rest all at once. Yes, you may have infestations of many types of pests. We know the area and have trained technicians that can take care of it all. Your only job is to call us. Don’t waste your time on DIY methods and either make the problem worse by baiting the pest, like roaches or not eradicate them long-term. Call us for your pest control solutions in Lincoln Village. 

Ant Control in Lincoln Village

Ants are a tough infestation to shift. Once they’re in you can try to spray them where you see them, but that’s only temporary. Unfortunately, you need a professional that knows how to identify the species so they can find the nest which may be a far piece away from your home, and then eradicate them properly. It’s well worth it and will cost you less in the long run than expensive over-the-counter bug sprays. Call us today for your ant control solutions. 

Rodent Control in Lincoln Village

Rodents are those disease-carrying and destructive infestations. If you notice them, you can address the issue, but you may not until they breed and they do that quickly. Then, you have a full-on infestation. Don’t wait. We can easily locate and eradicate them if we get there on time. Call us for rodent control today and get ahead of the game! We can bait and black bog them. We’ll inspect the areas where they nest like your insulation. They could chew your wiring and cause fires. If you notice chew holes in food containers, bags, or walls or you notice black droppings call us for rodent control immediately. 

Flea Control Lincoln Village

Fleas and ticks are not a joke, they carry disease and the bites are incredibly itchy. They can cause secondary infection as well. Getting them under control is challenging. DIY methods like foggers can’t get to the eggs sufficiently and it only takes one to fly under the radar. Let’s help you get fleas and ticks under control. Call us today for your flea control in your yard where they start and inside the home where eggs hatch for months.