VPS is a top-quality provider of pest control services in California. Our Professional Pest Management Team serve several areas in California, within the San Joaquin county and surrounding areas including Manteca, Ripon, Escalon, Lathrop, River Islands, Salida, and Stockton. Valley Pest Solutions invests in regular on-going training. Our Pest Management Team is trained to use the quickest and most effective methods for solving your specific pest concerns.

Highly Rated Services

Our company is well-respected throughout California. Our services are highly-rated on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Angie’s List. You can trust Valley Pest Solutions to remove ants, roaches, rats, gophers and other pests from your home, office and commercial locations.

Since 2012, our team of professionals has made customer service one of our top priorities. Regardless of the client’s needs, we are honest and dedicated to the task at hand. If you use our services, we will consult you on a regular basis to make sure that our intentions meet your expectations. Most unpleasant business experiences originate from poor communication methods. Our Project Managers and Pest Management Professionals are always accessible during business hours so you as a client can easily ask about timelines, pricing, and methods. This clear system of communication ensures that confusion is not an issue.

Environmental Commitments

We firmly believe that environmental preservation is a responsibility for all of us. To improve the health of your home and our community, we consider the extent of the problem to determine if non-invasive problems are possible or responsible. To protect the health of your children and pets, we prefer to use pest management materials inside your home only as a last resort. We also aim to upgrade our methods with environment-friendly alternatives as they become available.

Long-Run Affordability

VPS is aware that paying for pest control services is an unfortunate expenditure. To minimize the financial burden of removing pests from your home, office or commercial locations, we offer free inspections. Our certified and trained pest management team will inspect and analyze the extent of the infestation in order to create a customized pest management program to deal and treat the affected areas in a cost-effective manner. After you receive your estimate at no charge to you, VPS will schedule a time convenient with you to begin the pest control process.

Dedication to Customer Service

Our Family-Owned and operated company is staffed by professionals who are personable and friendly. Regardless of the size of your project, you will receive the highest-quality service that we are known for. If you are looking for tried and tested pest control service that never fails to impress, reach out to us at Valley Pest Solutions today.