Cockroach Control in the San Joaquin Area

It’s tough to pinpoint why so many people are terrified of cockroaches. They don’t sting like bees or make you itch like mosquitoes. Perhaps it’s the roaches’ size that makes them so intimidating. Maybe it’s the way that they creep up silently until they’re right next to you. Whatever the reason, if you have a cockroach in your house, you want it to go away fast.

The Different Types of COckroaches

In Manteca, Ripon, Escalon, Lathrop, River Islands, Salida, and Stockton, you’re most likely to come across the American, Oriental, and German cockroach. The American Cockroach is reddish-brown and can grow up to about 1.6 inches long. The adults have wings, but they don’t use them frequently. However, if they’re startled, they may fly down from your ceiling to your kitchen table. German Cockroaches are lighter than American and Oriental cockroaches. They’re light brown or tan, and if you’re brave enough to get close, you’ll notice two black stripes behind their head. German cockroaches also have wings, but they prefer to skitter on their six legs. They reproduce quickly and can become a problem before you’re even aware that you’re sharing your space with them. Oriental cockroaches look black and shiny. The males have wings and the females don’t. However, neither is able to fly.

How Cockroaches Enter Your California Home

American cockroaches arrive as uninvited guests searching for food or water. They can squeeze through cracks under doors and around windows to infiltrate your home. You’re likely to find them in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and basement. Although they eat natural organic material outside, when they’re in your house, they’ll gorge on any food or crumbs that they can find. German cockroaches are likely to make their home in the cracks and crevices of cardboard boxes and paper bags.

People are often afraid to bring home German cockroaches in cardboard boxes and or paper bags. If you store brown bags tightly folded in the kitchen, you might not notice that you have a problem until it’s too late.

Outdoors, Oriental cockroaches live in sewers, storm drains, wood piles or beneath mulch and leaves. They come inside under doors, in gaps beneath siding and through open drains.

Should You be Worried About Cockroaches Affecting your health?

It’s creepy enough to see one cockroach in your home. If you have one, you probably have more. The dust made up of cockroach shells, excrement, body parts and saliva can trigger asthma attacks in people with respiratory issues. This is especially dangerous for young children and the elderly. Cockroaches can also transmit diseases like salmonella.

How to Treat Roach Infestations

To get rid of cockroaches, you have to do more than just spray your home with materials. Roach management involves mechanical, cultural and sanitary as well as product control.

We have years of experience treating cockroach problems in homes and commercial spaces. We stay up to date on the latest industry standards to provide effective pest control that is also environmentally sound. Instead of focusing on the problem, we concentrate on the solution. It’s essential to rid your property of existing cockroaches. However, it’s also vital to keep them out in the first place.

Our professional and friendly Pest Management Team will thoroughly evaluate your Escalon home or commercial space to identify the extent of the problem. We will determine where the cockroaches are entering, where they congregate inside your home or commercial space, and how to prevent them from returning. If you’re concerned about cockroaches, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Call us at Valley Pest Solutions for all of your pest control needs.