Gopher Control Manteca, CA

Gophers may look cute and cuddly, but don’t let their appearance fool you: these little critters can cause tremendous damage to your property if left unchecked. If you suspect you have nuisance gophers on your property, it’s important to act quickly to limit the amount of damage they’re able to cause. At Valley Pest Solutions, we have the equipment and experience needed to deal effectively with these tricky pests and keep your yard protected.

Natural Pests

Also known as pocket gophers for their distinctive fur-lined cheek pouches, gophers are burrowing rodents endemic to much of the Americas. They are strict herbivores, feeding on everything from grasses to flowers and even small trees. Gophers are clever and prolific pests, capable of digging up to 150 feet of tunnels in a single day. They do most of their feeding from inside their tunnels, munching on root systems or pulling vegetation down from the surface. More rarely, they will venture a short distance out of their tunnel opening to access vegetation on the surface.

Gopher Damage

Unfortunately, yards and gardens are often prime feeding ground for gophers in California. Once a gopher has invaded your property, the first warning sign is often the appearance of unsightly mounds of dirt from subterranean tunneling. You may also notice one or more small, plugged tunnel access holes, which are typically about three inches in diameter. Even if you don’t spot any evidence of tunneling, that doesn’t mean a gopher isn’t present. Gophers sometimes dig deep enough under the surface not to leave any signs behind. In these cases, the best way to identify the presence of a gopher is to look for evidence of dead or disappearing vegetation as the gopher feeds.

Safe and Effective Removal

Because they are so active, even a single gopher can cause expensive and unsightly damage to your yard or garden in a short period of time. If you have one or more pest gophers on your property, you need gopher control that is quick, safe and effective. In lieu of poison, which may pose a danger to pets and makes it difficult to verify that the gopher has been removed, we use trapping to control problem gophers. This method is safe, effective and noninvasive, and it also allows us to confirm that the gopher has been captured and removed from the property. Trapping is also typically faster than poison or other control methods, meaning there’s less time for the gopher to wreak havoc on your property.

Keeping your lawn or garden beautiful and thriving is enough of a challenge on its own. The presence of a gopher only makes things harder, and repairing the damage they are capable of causing can quickly become an expensive proposition. To tackle your gopher problem quickly, safely and effectively, contact the trained professionals at Valley Pest Solutions to get started with a free inspection. We have the tools and expertise you need to keep your property protected from gophers and other common California nuisance pests.