Earwigs look frightening. They are usually black or brown with yellowish legs and have pinchers, which are used to capture their prey. Although they may appear like they can cause great harm to humans, they rarely bite and are not poisonous. These creatures like dark and moist areas, which is why they are commonly found in gardens.

Damages Caused by Earwig Infestations

Earwigs feast on decaying plants. In large numbers, they can ruin your garden. This means that if you are growing food or have ornamental landscaping, everything may become destroyed by these insects. If your business has an infestation of earwigs, it can cause concern from your customers. Even though major problems are not caused by these bugs, the sight of these insects may chase away your sales. If you suffer from these pest problems, it is essential to work with a trusted pest control company.


Residential Services

When you try to eliminate an earwig infestation at your home in the Manteca, CA area, it is essential to clear moist and cluttered areas. Basements are prime locations where earwigs are found. Also, it is common to find earwigs in potted plants. This means that these items should be checked. Plants can be unpotted, and the insects and their eggs can be removed from the roots. Also, it is smart to trim outside bushes and trees so that they do not rest against your home. Gutters should be working properly so that water is diverted from your house as well. A professional pest control company will help identify the source of your problems and eliminate the conditions that are causing your earwig infestation. Experts understand the best ways to seal your home and have tools to safely eliminate your issues.

Commercial Services

Depending on you business, you are sure to want to eliminate pests like earwigs. For example, if you run a restaurant, you do not want these unsightly insects walking around your customers. Also, if you own a golf course or a nursery, you cannot afford to watch earwigs ruin your greenery. A professional pest control company will provide services that eliminate your infestation problems and will schedule follow-up visits to make sure that the insects do not return.

Integrated Pest Management

It is vital to take an integrated pest management approach to pest control. This delivers a thorough way to monitor and control infestations and issues with the least toxic methods possible. Biological treatments may be implemented as well. Most pesticides only offer temporary results, so it is essential to uncover other methods that target pest problems. Integrated pest management is an eco-friendly approach to pest control and brings the most effective results into the future.

Choose Valley Pest Control

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