Wasp Pest Control

Wasp problems are not only scary but also are downright dangerous. A wasp sting is painful and can occasionally lead to allergic reactions in some individuals. Plus, wasp nests can ruin the overall look of a building and damage the building’s structure.

The most common wasps found around homes and businesses in the California area are paper wasps, which have narrow bodies and are usually about an inch long. Many of these wasps have the classic yellow stripes across their bodies while others are orange or dark red. One of the easiest ways to identify these wasps is by their nests, which are cone-shaped dwellings that hang from a single thread on a horizontal surface above them. Therefore, they are frequently found on porches, around windows and on soffits, or they could be located on gas grills and hose reels outdoors.

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Knocking down a wasp’s nest and getting rid of all of the wasps in an area is not a job for the faint-hearted, nor is it one that should be undertaken by someone who does not have a professional knowledge of the subject. That is why we always recommend professional wasp prevention and removal services from Valley Pest Control. We can safely get rid of the cone-shaped nests and ensure that areas around homes and businesses are safe for people of all ages.

Wasp Removal

Our wasp exterminator services begin at home where we provide quick, safe services so that homeowners can enjoy the peacefulness of their surroundings without worrying about stinging insects. Some signs that homeowners may nee professional wasp removal are chewed wood around wooden exterior surfaces and visible wasp nests, which may be formed from chewed wood or mud depending on the type of wasp present. We can look for hidden wasps’ nests, take steps to prevent wasps from building new nests around the home and find solutions for problem areas, especially around doors and windows.

Wasp Removal Near Me

Serving the surrounding Manteca, CA area, our quality wasp extermination and removal services also extend to commercial spaces where it is incredibly important that both customers and employees find safe and welcoming areas. Our services always begin with a detailed examination of the business’s property and buildings after which we will create a customized treatment plan. By working quickly, we can help businesses maintain their reputations and continue with their services as usual.

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Integrated Pest Management

With integrated pest management, we can typically provide extensive pest prevention and elimination services without having to rely on strong and dangerous chemicals. Chemical pest treatments are often dangerous to the environment, harming the natural beauty that you see around you and leaving long-term consequences for the planet. Even more importantly, these chemicals can be downright dangerous for you, your family, your pets and even your neighbors. By providing regular inspections and turning to proven chemical-free alternatives, we can ensure that you enjoy complete wasp control at your home or business.

If you currently have a wasp problem or have seen a troubling nest around your home or commercial building, call Valley Pest Control today to learn how we can help you. We can also inspect your building and landscaping and show you ways to prevent wasps from building nests in your surroundings in the future. Call our office now to get a free service quote.