Crickets are a distant relative of the grasshopper. They have round heads, cylindrical bodies, long antennae and large hind legs that give them the ability to jump huge distances. Their chirping sound is the result of rubbing their front wings together. They also have rear wings that they keep folded most of time although the large majority of crickets are unable to fly. The largest crickets are about two inches in length.

Crickets Infestation

Crickets are nocturnal, and their loud chirping sound, which males use to attract females, can be extremely annoying. In large numbers, they pose a threat to young plants. Even worse, if they get inside your home or business, they may damage clothing or other fabric items because they are known to feed on cotton, wool, linen, silk and fur. This is especially true for fabric that has been soiled by perspiration or food. Some species also feed on paper.


Cricket Pest Control – Home & Business

Crickets may try to enter your home or business, especially in the fall and winter when the outside temperatures drop and they are looking for a warm place to spend the winter. Another reason they may try to enter your home or business is because they are attracted to bright lights. To keep them out, you should seal all gaps around your doors and windows and patch all cracks in your building’s foundation. You should also seal off any extra space where plumbing pipes and electrical wires enter floors and walls.

Cricket Killer Sprays

In some cases, DIY tips are not enough to get rid of crickets and other pests. When that is the case, you may need a pest control company that can provide residential services, commercial services and integrated pest management.

Cricket Control Services

As a homeowner, you want to protect your family as well as your home and property. Residential pest services should include an inspection of the premises and a plan for controlling pests on the outside as well as the inside of your home. In addition to crickets, most residential services include control of bedbugs, ants, flies, cockroaches, gophers and spiders. Some of these pests are very destructive and carry a variety of diseases that affect humans.

Commercial pest control services are designed to minimize your risk and safeguard your reputation. While a commercial building is less likely to get bedbugs, it is more likely to get rats and cockroaches because there are more places to hide. Pests are not only a nuisance, but they can actually cause you to lose business or even have your business shut down by regulatory agencies.


Integrated Pest Services

If you want the peace of mind that comes with a results-driven, year-round approach, you should consider integrated services. These services are designed to prevent pest problems before they occur in order to reduce dependency on harsh chemicals. It is an ongoing process that takes place every time service personnel visit your facilities.

If you want to keep crickets and other pests from invading your home or business, you should call Valley Pest Solutions today for a free quote. Their friendly customer service representatives will explain the services they offer, give you a quote and schedule an appointment.