Family Owned & Operated

Ants, black widows, cockroaches, rats, mice, and gophers Is Our Business, but Family Is Our Value. As a family owned and operated company in San Joaquin County and surrounding areas, Valley Pest Solutions is committed to providing outstanding customer service, rapid response time, educational resources from our Professional Pest Management Team. Our team of professionals offer a customized detailed explanation of your pest management needs. Valley Pest Solutions takes great care in the preservation of the environment with an IPM approach to our pest management programs.

Environmentally Sound Solutions

Valley Pest Solutions offers green products, upon your request, to treat your home, office, and or your favorite outside location. We have raised the standard of safety and service though on-going trainings in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and certification in programs such as GreenPro for eco-effective pest control. IPM is a major step in the process of protecting and preserving the Greater San Joaquin Valley.