No matter where you live, fleas are a potential issue for your residential or commercial property. If you have pets, they can pick up fleas while they are out on walks, visiting dog parks or going to the veterinarian’s office. Once these insects return to your home, they become a hazard for your family’s health and wellness.

Fleas spread viruses and bacteria. While they prefer to bite animals, they will also bite humans. This poses a potential health risk for your pets, family members and customers. If you run a business, a flea problem can drive away your customers. No one wants to get bitten while they are buying coffee or discussing an engineering plan. Unless you treat this problem quickly, it could have negative effects on your home or business.

Residential Services for Treating Flea Infestations

Insects have lived on this planet longer than humans have been alive. Over time, different species of insects have adapted to harsh environments and spread throughout the world. While some plants produce natural chemicals that combat these pests, many insects have learned how to survive anyway. Unfortunately, fleas are one of these insects. Some flea species can survive over-the-counter treatments, so it is important to figure out the right pest solution for your home and yard.

If you are suffering from a flea outbreak at your residential property, treating it can be difficult. Often, neighborhood cats and dogs bring flea eggs back to your property after you have finished your treatment plan. In order to effectively treat your yard, you need a long-lasting plan until flea season is over with. Our team can help you determine the best way to combat flea infestations on your property.

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Commercial Services for Handling Flea Problems

When you run a commercial business, your reputation and brand image determine whether you succeed or not. If your company becomes known as the business that suffers from flea infestations, no one will want to shop at your store. Through our commercial services, you can quickly treat infestations and prevent future issues. We are able to treat all types of commercial enterprises such as restaurants, retail shops, factories and animal-related businesses. Our team of professional technicians can inspect your property and figure out the best steps for your situation.

Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Integrated pest management is the best way to reduce flea and insect infestations with the least amount of pesticide use possible. This modern technique focuses on using pest treatments that are safe for animals and children. Even though the treatment solutions are safer for your loved ones, they are still effective at combating and preventing infestations.

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With traditional pest control, technicians just identified the problem and applied chemicals. Integrated pest management takes a different approach because pesticides only provide temporary results. Instead of just using pesticides, integrated pest management involves routine inspections and preventative methods. We trap pests to figure out the infestation level and record any outbreaks. Then, we choose products that have the lowest toxicity possible for combating pests.

Valley Pest Solutions has years of experience in dealing with flea, rodent and insect infestations. If your residential or commercial property is dealing with pest problems, our team can help. Email or call us today to get a free quote on our services.