Residents of California enjoy wonderful weather all year long, but that same climate also attracts a number of nuisance insects and rodents. Fortunately, here at Valley Pest Solutions, we’re committed to protecting the homes of those in Manteca, Escalon, Ripon, Lathrop, River Islands, Salida, and Stockton. These are just a few of the nuisance pests that were regularly called upon to control in these areas.


There are some 700 ant species that are found in America, and many ants call California home. One of the most destructive is the carpenter ant, which is one of the largest ants in the country. This type of ant destroys the wood areas of homes at an alarming rate, and this often leads to costly structural damage. Carpenter ants are also capable of delivering a nasty bite that can break the skin. Other problem ants that are commonly found in and around area homes include fire ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants and Argentine ants.


Oriental, German and American cockroaches may invade your California home regardless of how spotlessly clean it stays. These insects breed rapidly, and your home may become completely infested in a very short time. Cockroaches may bite humans while they sleep, but their real danger comes from their crawling through your food, on your toothbrush, and across your kitchen counters because they spread a wide variety of dangerous diseases everywhere that they walk.


The common house fly is another rapid breeder that is more than just disgusting when it lands on your face or in your food. These flies can carry several diseases that may infect humans. Other common area flies include the fruit fly and the drain fly.


These are cute little rodents that are a nightmare to any homeowner with a garden or a beautifully landscaped yard. A single gopher can dig as much as 150 feet of tunnel each day, and it will eat every plant it can find from the root on up. If bitten by a gopher, humans and their domestic pets may be exposed to diseases.


Black widow spiders are common in area homes, and they may be found in any dimly lit or cluttered areas such as basements or closets. This venomous spider will attack if provoked, and its bite contains neurotoxins that affect the nervous system. A bite requires medical treatment that may include antivenin injections. Other common area spiders include hobo spiders and orb weaver spiders.

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