Located roughly 50 miles south of Sacramento, French Camp is the oldest settlement in California’s San Joaquin County. With sunny days, mild winters and an improving economy, it’s an appealing place for people to live, work and play. However, the mild climate and ready availability of food, water and shelter also make the area attractive to a variety of vermin. If pests are causing problems at your French Camp home or business, Valley Pest Solutions can help.

Residential Pest Control

If you see any unwelcome critters creeping across your living space, don’t wait. Pest populations tend to grow explosively, so it’s vital that you reach out for professional assistance as soon as you suspect that you might have a problem. Pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders and flies are more than annoying; they are a hazard to your health and your property. In addition to the risk of painful bites, they can spread disease and cause damage as they move around your home. While gophers may be less likely than insects to venture indoors, these destructive rodents can wreak havoc on your yard and garden as they devour plants and carve out underground tunnels. How do you protect your family and your home from the dangers posed by pests? Count on Valley Pest Solutions. Our highly trained team is prepared to provide residential pest control services that are quick and effective.

Commercial Pest Control

Whether your business is an office, a restaurant, a warehouse, a food plant, an apartment building or a retail establishment, a pest infestation can have a devastating effect on your bottom line. At Valley Pest Solutions, we know that insects, rodents and other invaders can chase away potential customers, interfere with the smooth operation of your business, and damage your commercial facility and its contents. That’s why we offer commercial pest control services that are specifically designed to solve your pest problem while minimizing the disruption. Our skilled team identifies the source of the problem and utilizes professional techniques and equipment to eradicate it and prevent future issues so that you can get back to business quickly.

Quality Pest Control Services

Valley Pest Solutions is ready to meet all your pest control needs. We offer a wide range of services, including the following:

A family-owned and -operated firm, Valley Pest Solutions thrives on providing residential and commercial pest control services that are affordable, effective and environmentally friendly. We combine excellent customer service with extensive experience and training and cutting-edge tools and techniques to solve even the toughest pest problems. To request a free quote, contact Valley Pest Solutions today.