Escalon, CA is a small residential city surrounded by scenic farmland. The town is especially popular for families, but it’s beautiful scenery, pleasant weather, and historic downtown attract people of all ages and backgrounds.

Escalon is a great place to live, but one problem homeowners encounter is pests. The warm climate attracts a wide variety of critters, and it can be difficult to keep them away from your home. However, Valley Pest Solutions has the tools and experience needed to get rid of pests for good. Our team is proud to serve the Escalon community so that homeowners and business owners can live comfortably without fear of pests.

Residential Pest Control

There are a number of insects and rodents native to California, and many of these species are a nuisance for homeowners. Not only is it frustrating to deal with pests in your home, but some critters can be a danger to your health or can damage the structure of your home. Valley Pest Solutions will protect your home from infestations so that you can have peace of mind.

Our team begins by conducting a thorough inspection of your home to look for signs of pest populations and possible points of entry. Then, we use effective pest control measures to remove the existing infestation and minimize future pest problems. We’ll also help you reduce your risk of reinfestation by sealing entry points and recommending preventative measures.

Commercial Pest Control

A pest problem can be devastating for your commercial business. It could pose a health and safety risk for you, your employees, and your customers, and it can severely damage your company’s reputation.

Our Escalon commercial pest control services will help you protect your business. With our IPM approach to pest management, we will identify the source of the infestation to ensure that we eliminate the root of the problem and prevent a returning infestation. Then, our team will create an individualized treatment plan that addresses the pest problem within your commercial space while minimizing interruptions to your workflow. We understand how important it is to work quickly and discreetly so that you can maintain your business operations.

Pests We Service

Reliable Escalon, CA Pest Control

Our team of Escalon pest control experts can handle even the most severe infestations. If you’re looking for an Escalon pest control company, Valley Pest Solutions is here to help. To schedule a pest inspection or get a free quote on pest control services, contact us today.