No matter where your business is located, fleas can be a major problem. Once these pests infiltrate your business, they can cause a number of problems for not only your employees but also your customers. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about fleas, how they get into your business and some commercial flea control solutions.

What Attracts Fleas to Your Business?

If your company has a flea problem, you may be wondering what attracted the fleas in the first place. Some basic elements attract fleas, which is why it’s easy for businesses to become overwhelmed with these pests quickly.

For instance, standing water and plant overgrowth are hot spots for fleas. Of course, animals can transport fleas, so allowing people to bring animals into work could possibly lead to a flea infestation.

How Do Fleas Get Into Your Business?

Unfortunately, fleas are very small and can work their way into nearly any location. That said, they typically enter most businesses by riding on hosts.

Most of the time, the hosts are animals, such as cats or dogs. However, they can ride on people as well. They may hitch their way into your business via employees or customers who have animals at home.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Unless you see the fleas first hand, how do you know that you need commercial flea control? You can look for a few telltale signs that you have fleas on the premises.

Scratching is the most obvious sign. If you or your employees are scratching a lot or developing welts on your skin, you may be dealing with fleas. In particular, fleas love to bite people around the ankles.

Additionally, these pests are known for leaving behind “flea dirt.” As the name implies, flea dirt is small brown, black or reddish brown specks that are left around wherever fleas have been. You could even find it in your hair or in the hair of pets who have fleas. However, it can also be found in carpet, which is generally where you’ll find flea eggs as well.

Commercial Flea Control

If you have fleas in your place of business, the only surefire way to get rid of them is flea control. Flea control, like the services offered by Valley Pest Solutions, can quickly clear fleas out of retail shops, factories, restaurants, and more.

Flea control starts with an inspector assessing the property. After the inspection, the pest control company will help you choose the best course of action to deal with the fleas. At Valley Pest Solutions, we guarantee our work. Don’t let fleas or fruit flies invade your business, hire a reliable and professional pest control company to exterminate the infestation before it gets out of hand.

Fleas are one of the most invasive pests. They may not bite or cause excessive damage, but they are extremely difficult to get rid of due to their size and how rapidly they multiply.

Protect your employees and business with commercial flea control.

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Pest infestations can destroy a business’s reputation. People don’t want to eat at a restaurant or live in a building infested with fleas. Encourage people to visit your business and enjoy their experience by providing them with a pest free environment.

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