What Bit Me? Identifying Different Bug Bites

One moment you are outside minding your own business, and the next moment you feel an unexpected pain somewhere on your skin. You have a knee-jerk reaction that causes the bug that attacked to disappear and never to be found, leaving behind short-term sharp pain and long-term dull, irritating pain.

But it shouldn’t just end there. You will need to get to the bottom of what kind of bug bit you. You never know if your bug carried disease, venom, or anything else that could result in illness. It is also important to know what kind of bug bit you so that you can plan for the days ahead and have the bite disappear as quickly as possible.

Bug Identification Table

There are more types of bugs that bite than we can count, so we have put together this handy table to quickly help you identify what kind of bug you were bitten by and the details of that bite:

Name Size of Bite Can there be multiple? Redness Itching Venom Other Features Time to Heal
Bed Bug Small Yes Yes Yes No Possible blisters; allergic reactions One to two weeks
Bee Small or medium No Yes Yes Maybe  White areas where stung A few days
Black Widow Spider Medium No Yes Yes Yes White ring inside mark Multiple weeks
Brown Recluse Spider* Medium One or tow Yes Yes Yes  Blisters; shiny appearance Multiple weeks
Chigger Small Yes  Yes Yes No Scab marks One to three weeks
Fire Ant* Small Yes Yes Yes Maybe Blisters One week
Flea Medium to large  Yes Yes Yes No Blotches on skin One week
Fly Small Yes Yes Yes No Allergic reactions One month
Horsefly Small No Yes Yes No Bruise-like appearance A few days
Lice Small Yes Yes Yes No None Varies
Mosquito Small or medium Yes Yes Yes No Puffy, Swollen A few days
Other Spider* Any Two Maybe No  Maybe Allergic reactions One week
Tick Large No Yes No No Faded red ring Two weeks
Wasp* Medium to large Yes Yes Yes Maybe Yellow centers One week
Yellow Jacket Medium Yes Maybe Maybe Maybe Puffy, swollen One week

For any bugs marked with an asterisk (*), urgent care is required after the bite is experienced.

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