What are Cockroaches Attracted to the Most?

Cockroaches are gross creatures that can carry some potentially serious diseases like Salmonella Typhi, Poliomyelitis and Dysentery. So, it is crucial to keep these insects out of your home. One of the best ways to keep your house free of cockroaches is to keep it clean and free of anything they are attracted to. Here is a helpful guide to help you know what cockroaches are attracted to the most.


Of course, you have to have food in your house. Even if you order most of your food from restaurants, there is still food in your house. But, you can still take steps to keep cockroaches away. Keep your kitchen tidy and keep your food stored away. Make sure to put all perishable foods in the refrigerator and shelf-stable foods should be sealed tightly in air-tight containers and put away in the pantry or on the shelves. Also, be sure to wipe up any crumbs that end up on counters after preparing or eating food.


Water attracts cockroaches just as much as food does. So, to keep these insects at bay, make sure you have no standing water in or around the house. Check by your pipes to inspect for leaks. If you find any issues, caulk them up and clean up any water that has accumulated on the floor. Do not let undrunk water sit in pet bowls for too long and hang used towels out to dry every day.

Strong Smells

Cockroaches have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to objects that have a strong and distinct odor. Two of the biggest culprits for attracting cockroaches are garbage and compost. To keep cockroaches from invading your home, take your garbage out regularly. If you do not accumulate a lot of garbage, take it out before you fill the container. That way old food and other smelly items will not build up and act as attractors to the cockroaches. If you have a compost pile in your yard, keep it as far away from your house as possible. That way, if cockroaches are lurking around the area, they will be less likely to find their way inside your home.

If you want to prevent cockroaches from invading your house, make sure you reduce their attractors as much as possible. If you suspect you have a cockroach problem, call the pest control professionals at Valley Pest Solutions today.