Ways to help keep your home a Rodent FREE home

You may not have a rodent problem right now, but that does not mean that you can’t have a rodent infestation in the future, Manteca, Ripon, River Islands and Lathrop have had a significant increase in rodent activity over the last few years. Pest Management  plays an important role in not only getting rid of pests in your home, but also in preventing pests from getting back into your home in the future. 

Here are a tips on rodent prevention-exclusion for your home if you live in the Escalon, Ripon, Salida, Manteca, Lathrop or River Islands area. 

Clean Up outside Food Sources

Rodents come into our homes for shelter and food. All they need is a few crumbs of food left out around the trash cans or a more common food source is leaving pet food out for the night, bring that pet food in for the night if your pet hasn’t eaten it all. Also be sure those lids are kept closed on the trash cans.

Seal Holes around Your Home

Rodents normally don’t sneak into your house because you left the front door open. They find the cracks, holes and crevices on the outside of your house so they can come in undetected. 

Sealing as many holes or gaps around your house as you can is one of the most effective ways to keep pests from getting into your home. Be sure to look for gaps and holes around your home, if a pencil can fit in it so can mice and it doesn’t take a much larger opening for rats. These are some areas to consider looking at for starters;

  • Sub-area vents
  • The opening around your air conditioning lines going into your home 
  • Side garage door on the bottom( a good door sweep will fix this) 
  • Openings on the side of the car garage door, particularly at the bottom 
  • Attic vents 
  • Damaged or worn out pet door 

To fix/repair most of these situation your local hardware store will have the supplies needed, such as copper meshing(won’t rust), spray foam (be careful using , can be very messy) as well as caulking material, door sweeps and hardware cloth. A local handyman should also be quite capable of correcting these areas to prevent rodents access. 

Contact Professional Rodent Control Services

If you feel you may already have a rodent issue contact Valley Pest Solutions NOW. A rodent infestation needs to get taken care of right away. Rodents pose a health risk to your family. Even if you follow all the guidelines provided here, there is still a good chance you may miss essential areas where rodents are prone to enter. So, if you think that you have a pest problem and are in Escalon, Ripon, Salida, Manteca, Lathrop or River Islands area or in the surrounding area, contact our pest control experts at Valley Pest Solutions now.