5 Crazy Facts About Ants

Small in stature yet mighty in brawn, ants boast amazing capabilities. Representing approximately 10,000 species across the globe, there is no doubt that ants are fascinating insects. You are sure to discover engrossing information when you read the following five crazy facts about ants:

1. An ant’s physical strength exceeds its small stature.

According to researchers, ants have strong muscles supporting their Lilliputian frames. One ant can carry objects totaling anywhere from 10 to 100 times its own body weight. Do not estimate an ant’s incredible ability to lift and transport heavy objects. If you had the athleticism of an ant, you could simultaneously lift a piano over your head while running in a marathon.

2. Ants practice a primitive form of slavery.

Although the idea of servitude is repugnant, ants continue to enforce slavery on their prisoners. Ants seek out other ants, bring them to their colonies and subject them to performing their duties. Honeypot ants enslave other ants representing the same species. A honeypot ant, also known as the common honey ant, could even make its own relative a slave.

3. Ants do not always live in nests.

Army ants represent approximately 200 ant species that do not build or live in nests. Their nomadic manner of living causes them to travel during the day and build transient nests at night. They continue to travel and attack other ants for their nutritional needs. The entire army ant colony becomes stationary during the period when the queen is laying eggs. Army ants eagerly wait for the baby ants to emerge.

4. Female ants love to work.

An ant is not a lazy creature. On the contrary, ants enjoy working. In fact, no one has ever heard of an unemployed ant or unemployment insurance for ants. Every ant has its own specific task. However, females perform the chores. A female ant searches for food, defends the nest’s eggs and even takes out the trash. A male ant’s sole job is to impregnate the queen ant. Even though the arrangement looks as though females do all the hard work, the fact is that most ants are unable to reproduce without the male’s participation.

5. Some ants are asexual.

Ants practiced cloning a long time before human scientists discovered how to clone animals. According to research, the leaf-cutter queen ant is a cloning expert. A queen continually produces clones ensuring that its offspring consists of female ants. Scientists have not yet discovered any male leaf-cutter ants. Fire ants also have abilities to clone themselves. Regardless of the ant species, an exterminator can eliminate these pests. If ants have decided to reside inside your home, contact Valley Pest Solutions to resolve the issue.

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