Owning property in Salida is wonderful because this area is blessed with beautiful weather, lovely national parks and a small-town atmosphere. However, pest infestations can quickly become a major problem for all property owners. If nuisance bugs or rodents settle down in your home or business, you’re going to get more than just a headache.

Pests wreak havoc not only on sanitary conditions but also on structural elements, so they will surely leave you with costly repairs. Nevertheless, you can relax because Valley Pest Solutions is at your service.

Residential Pest Control

When you see a few ants in your pantry, don’t ignore them. Chances are they belong to a large colony that lives in your or near your home. Common hideouts for ants, as well as other pest infestations, include foundation walls, rotted window frames and floorboards. Furthermore, as the temperature drops, pests will look for warm shelter which could be your Salida home.

At Valley Pest Solutions, we know exactly how to zero in on critters. Since we use efficient exterminating strategies, we’ll be able to get rid of the invaders in a timely fashion. Our No. 1 goal is to fulfill your pest control needs on our first try. To keep you completely satisfied all year, we’ll ensure your peace of mind by protecting your home against future infestations with our high quality Salida pest control. Customers benefit from our quick response time, easy appointment scheduling and budget-pleasing estimates.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial buildings – businesses and properties – are prime real estate for pest infestations. If an infestation develops and expands, it’s safe to assume that your profitability will suffer sooner or later because pests do more than just tamper with electrical equipment. They also leave behind toxic droppings, which may harbor parasites and pathogens that can easily spread.

We saw the problem pest infestations were causing business owners, so we studied and created our commercial pest control service. Even if the intruders are buried underneath concrete slabs or within wall cavities, our cutting-edge tools allow us to get to the bottom of infestations. We understand you don’t want to risk losing your customers, so we’ll gladly go a step further and provide you with a long-term protection plan. Our focus is on building a relationship with you because we want to be your first line of defense against the threats that critters pose.

Pests We Service

Keep Your Salida, CA Home Pest Free

If you’re wondering how did we achieve our excellent reputation, all you got to do is take into account our approach. At Valley Pest Solutions, we strive to deliver outstanding results without causing a disruption or harming the environment. If you are looking for a pest control company in Salida, CA we can help! Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule a pest inspection.