Yellowjackets Pest Control

Temperatures are on the rise as the dog days of summer are now underway. While the weather can certainly be nice, the high temperatures can make certain outdoor activities stressful. What will add to that stress, however, are pests. Some pests can be aggressive though and present an extra challenge. Here, yellowjackets will be the focus. Their presence around the house is almost always unwelcomed. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with them.

Tidiness is Key

Yellowjackets, similar to any pest, are almost always on the search for new food sources. If the surrounding area around your home provides access to this food, you’ll be sure to see a few flying around. The best way to avoid this is simply by cleaning up what you can. Picking up loose trash, making sure trash lids are closed, and doing a general clean sweep will help to eliminate those sources.

Find the Nest

A yellowjacket nest can be intimidating. But, if you want them gone, that nest needs to go. The key here is finding the nest early in its development. That way, it’s still not too big and is not housing that many yellowjackets. There are different types of sprays and chemicals you can use when treating the nest. Just be sure to spray at night when the maximum amount of yellowjackets will be in the nest. The old-school tactic of using a broom to knock it down should only be used with very small nests.

Lures and Traps

One way to dispose of yellowjackets without having to get close to the nest is with one of the many different lures and traps available. Some are designed differently, but the concept remains the same. Typically, a piece of meat or fruit is placed into the lure. The yellowjackets will then be drawn by this. As they fly into the rest of the trap, the toxins and chemicals they ingest will kill them. Many of these are reusable, just be sure that all the yellowjackets are dead before emptying the trap.

Contact the Professionals

Due to the aggressive nature of yellowjackets, many homeowners become terrified when they see a few flying around, let alone when they see a large nest. This can make the pest control process difficult, and unfortunately sometimes painful, the task for someone who is not experienced. To avoid this, seek out professional help from those who have tackled this before.

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