What Are Wasps and How Are They Different From Bees?

There might be no insect more feared than the wasphere in the Manteca, River Island and Ripon area. Considered by many to be even more frightening and dangerous than bees, wasps seem to be the stuff that nightmares are made of. However, these misunderstood bugs often get a bad rap.

What are Wasps?

The term “wasp” covers a wide variety of insects. A wasp is an insect that is in the same order as ants and bees. All insects in this group are physically distinguished by their narrow waist.

Because of this generalization, wasps are varied and include insects such as hornets, yellow jackets and mud daubers. Although some people may think that all wasps are stinging insects, many varieties do not sting or harm people at all.

Here are some their differences:

Eating Habits

One major difference between wasps and bees is the way in which they eat. Bees are pollinators. They get their food primarily from plant pollen and turn plant pollen into honey or some other form of food. On the other hand, while wasps might eat nectar and plant products as well, they are also often predators, taking much of their food from other insects and insect larvae that are in your shrubs, trees, lawn and other areas around your home.

Aggressive Tendencies

Bees are generally non-aggressive, reserving their stings only for last-resort defense, because for most once they sting they lose their life too. Wasps, however, are often extremely aggressive and will attack, especially when they are on the hunt. They are also able to sting their prey multiple times, without losing their life.


Most bees build their nests and hives out of wax secretions, like in honeycombs. Wasps are not able to produce these secretions. Instead, most of them produce a pulp-like substance from paper and wood products, using this pulp to build structures that vary depending on the specific species of wasp.

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