Turkestan cockroach

What Are Turkestan Cockroaches?

An infestation of cockroaches is never fun. When you see a few cockroaches outside your house, you might be concerned about the possibility of them invading your home. To determine the likelihood of an infestation, it’s important to identify the species of cockroach in question. So, what are Turkestan cockroaches?

The Basics

If you live in the southwestern United States, you may have noticed a slender, rust or dark brown colored cockroach lurking around your outdoor spaces. Since their stateside introduction in 1978, Turkestan cockroaches have been competing with and largely outpacing oriental cockroaches in their environmental niche. Where you may have previously seen an oriental cockroach, commonly called a waterbug, there could be a Turkestan cockroach in its place.

Turkestan cockroaches are natives of North Africa to Southwest and Central Asia. Males are reddish-brown and can fly while females are dark brown with only vestigial wings. They are often used as food for captive insectivores such as geckos and frogs. Because of this use, Turkestan cockroach populations can show up just about anywhere if they are released or able to escape. 

When Do You Need to Call Pest Control?

Turkestan cockroaches rarely invade homes like other, more common species of cockroaches. If you find a few outside in a crack in the concrete or by your water meter, it’s probably not something to worry about.

Unlike waterbugs, Turkestan cockroaches aren’t known to spread diseases and won’t enter your home to scavenge your kitchen. It is possible to find them in your home after they enter accidentally when attracted to the lights. It can be startling to find a male Turkestan cockroach flying around your light fixture, but they can be safely removed or eliminated as needed without professional help.

However, because this species of cockroach is a prolific breeder, you may find yourself inundated with them in summer, particularly at night. Although they’re harmless to humans, calling in a pest control professional will reduce their numbers.

The Turkestan cockroach can also be easily mistaken for other species, such as the German or American cockroaches, which are pests. Making an appointment for a pest control consultation is a good way to get peace of mind whether you need extermination services or not.

Seeing a cockroach, especially a flying one, can be unsettling no matter what species. If you believe you have an infestation of Turkestan cockroaches or any other pests, call Valley Pest Solutions for an inspection.