What are Silverfish?

There are many different types of pests that can invade your home or business, becoming a nuisance and causing damage and silverfish are one of those. They are about a ½ -¾”  wingless with a flattened body. And somewhat the shape of fish, probably where they get the name from and silver in color with long antennae.   

Damage Caused by Silverfish

Many Silverfish feed on carbohydrates and proteins of both plant and animal origin, much like the paste on the back of wallpaper. They will frequently feed on artificial silk, linen, rayvon and cotton, but won’t feed on wools like the carpet beetle. 

It’s not unusual to find them near food cabinets, interior of closets, ceiling edges and even coming out of ceiling light fixtures, will even find them outside on your fence.   

Preventing a Silverfish Infestation

The key to control is identification which directs one to the preferred areas of habitation and food source. 

If the infestation is localized on the inside, one can assume that it is recentand was either brought in via infested items(such as firewood, insulation or some other source). Environmental modification can greatly enhance control; Remove any piles of wood or dead leaves from the perimeter of your home to remove incentive for them to enter your yard.

Control or eliminate moisture by repairing leaking pipes, sealing up easily accessible cracks around doors and windows to provide less points of entry with a quality caulking material. 

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