Top 3 Things That Attract Ants to Your Home

It seems like nothing can keep an ant away from your home. No matter if it’s a heavy rainfall or a drought, these insects weather any storm and survive the worst conditions. You could buy an ant repellent at a local store and spray it over an ant mound, and they would show up a day later in another spot with a larger colony. If they’ve made their way into your home, chances are that you’ve unknowingly invited them in. By knowing what they’re after, you stand a good chance at keeping them out in the future.


Your neighbors aren’t the only ones who smell the savory aromas coming from your kitchen. Ants have a knack for locating food and sensing even the smallest crumbs in the most hidden places. Making sure to clean up after every meal and to dispose of the leftovers properly will help to keep ants out of your home.


Most living things require water for survival. When the rains subside and a drought sets in, ants will go on the hunt for water. If you have leaky plumbing or moist areas around your home, these tiny insects will find the water and relocate their colony near the source. Consider having an inspection to locate leaks and to prevent future ant infestations.


Not every ant is happy living in the ground, especially in areas where they’re susceptible to bad weather or predator insects. Scout ants will often search for better places to set up a colony, which includes your home. If you have cracks, crevices, and gaps around your property, you’re giving these insects a way to invade your living spaces.

Prevent Stubborn Ant Infestations

Even if you only see one or two ants, it’s a sign that more are lurking around the corner. Scouts can pair up and signal to their colony using pheromone trails, so it’s only a matter of time before you see more of these tiny invaders and have an infestation on your hands. Valley Pest Solutions will provide a thorough inspection of your property, eliminate any existing pest infestations and take preventative steps to keep ants out of your home.