Tips to Keep Your Pets Flea Free

As a pet owner, you will do anything to keep your best friend healthy and happy. With warmer days ahead, your pets are no doubt itching to get outside to play. But you don’t want them to be itching when they come back inside! Here are some tips on how to keep your pet flea free.

Keep Your House Clean

The best way to prevent fleas from spreading through your home is to prevent them from getting there in the first place. Vacuum your home regularly and thoroughly, but especially during the summer when fleas are most active. It’s not to say we don’t vacuum thoroughly but what really needs to be focused on are areas like under couch cushions and furniture, under beds, closet floors and along baseboards.

Professional carpet cleaning is also an effective way to kill off larvae and pupae. This also includes washing any pet bedding and toys. Also, make sure to wash your own bedding as well, especially if your pets share your bed with you. And if the bed spread is too large to put in your washing machine considering taking it to the local laundromat where they have much larger machines, or even hanging it outside on a hot sunny day. 

Use Flea Collars or other flea treatment products for pets

Use collars or other flea treatment products for pets as a natural way to detract these pests. Natural flea collars will use herbal oils. There are also reusable and rechargeable collars available. Make sure that you choose the proper collar for your pets and talk to your veterinarian for what product would work best for your pet(s). Keep in mind that there are products specifically made for cats and another for dogs. We have even heard of people placing a flea collar inside their vacuum cleaner bag(but be sure to always follow the label of whatever product you use). And if your vacuum is bagless, empty it in the outside trash receptacles after each vacuum.   

Prepare Your Pets to Go Outside

As the flea and tick season begins, make sure that your pets will be protected when they go outside, whether they stay in the confines of your yard or take them for walks in the neighborhood. Fleas are still brought into your yard from stray cats and other critters such as opossums and rodents. This is where Valley Pest Solutions comes into to play, we treat your yard to keep fleas and other pests at bay.  

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

Your pets love your yard as much as you do. Keeping your lawn mowed does more than just help it looking nice. When you keep your yard free of excessive weeds and tall grass, and trim shrubs up off the ground you are allowing the sun to warm the soil and kill off flea larvae. Watering can also help to drown them, as well as keeping your lawn lush and green.

If you have an out of control flea or tick  infestation or want to possibly avoid one, contact Valley Pest Solutions now!