Tips for Keeping Pests Away from Your Summer BBQs

Nothing can spoil your summer fun like outdoor pests. Don’t risk having guests remember the bees, ants and other invaders more than your carefully planned barbecue. Keep pesky party crashers away with these tips from Valley Pest Solutions.

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes, cockroaches and water bugs are drawn to pools of stagnant water. Inspect your property for overlooked spots where water accumulates — planters, birdbaths, kiddie pools — and drain them. Get rid of any stray objects collecting water. If you have water gathering in low spots in your lawn, set aside a few hours to build a trench complete with PVC drain pipe. There are many how-to videos available online, or you can hire someone for the project if you’re short on time or interest.

Serve Pest-Free Food and Drinks

Don’t let bugs and stinging insects ruin a perfectly good plate of food — or worse yet, sting or bite guests. Provide plastic cups so guests can transfer the contents from soda or beer cans, since wasps are fans of these drinks and may land inside undetected. Serve meals or snacks inside to prevent swarms of pests from flocking to the food table. Patch any holes in screens, keep windows closed, and make sure the door remains shut during your party to prevent bugs from heading indoors for refreshments.

Clean Up Often

Plates lined with food debris and cups laced with the remains of sweet cocktails, beer and soft drinks are sure to attract nearby wasps, bees, flies and other pests. Place covered trash cans around the deck, patio or yard to make it easy for guests to toss serveware after eating. Keep an eye out for abandoned food plates, as well as pieces of food dropped on the lawn. Remove garbage bags as soon as they fill up to avoid overflow, and keep wipes handy for easy cleanup of spills and crumbs.

Warm-weather fun is a magnet for pests of all kind, but you and your guests don’t have to fall victim to stinging, biting or just plain pesky bugs. From pre-party prep to frequent cleanups, there are plenty of ways to ensure pest-free barbecues and outdoor parties all summer long. Valley Pest Solutions provides safe, effective pest control to residential and commercial customers in and near Stockton, CA. If you have an ongoing pest problem or want to prevent future infestations, contact us today to schedule an inspection.