Spring Cleaning In and Around Your Yard

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get out the tools and tackle those yard projects. Not only is the season the perfect excuse to make your yard photo-ready, but you can ensure that pests won’t become a problem. Bugs and other critters love making nests around your home, which means that it’s only a matter of time before they get inside. 

Fortunately, by following these spring cleaning tips, you can keep your outdoor spaces looking brilliant and prevent pests at the same time. 

Clean Your Gutters

There are a few things that pests love – standing water, peat soil and natural debris like rotting leaves and San Joaquin Valley has it all. Unfortunately, chances are these elements are sitting inside your rain gutters right now if you live in Salida, Escalon, Ripon or even River Islands. If you want to curb any potential pest problems, clearing your gutters should be the first priority. 

Not only will this step keep critters at bay, but it will prevent water from spilling over and leaking into your house or the foundation. Also, if the gutters get too heavy, they can rip out of the roof, which can be costly to repair. 

Rake Leaves and Other Debris

Ideally, if you have trees around your property, you managed to rake and dispose of all of the leaves during autumn. However, there will likely be some piles here and there that you couldn’t get to before now. 

As we mentioned, leaves are a haven for bugs and pests, so you want to remove them from your yard as quickly as possible. Piles that are next to or touching your house are a priority since those nests can lead inside much more easily. 

Leaves aren’t the only debris around, either. Be sure to clean up any other natural refuse around your property so that they don’t become ground zero for a new infestation. 

Clear Any Rotting Wood

One of the best nesting materials for pests, particularly ants and other insects, is rotting wood. Whether you have piles of firewood nearby, or dead branches sitting on the ground, you need to clear them out as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the wood to dry, either, as any delay could lead to an infestation spreading to your home. 

Trim Bushes and Plants

Chances are that the shrubbery around your house grew a lot over the winter, so now is the time to prune it back, if possible about 18” from the foundation , 6” of the ground and branches, limbs 3 feet from the roof line. Not only will doing this make it look more beautiful, but you can spot any potential nests or burrows in the area. If you do see anything, then you’ll want to call Valley Pest Solutions. 

Pest control options for your yard are much different than those inside the home, so you want to make sure to leave it to the pros. Simply describe the nest, and we’ll come out and handle it. Not only will we remove the pests, but we’ll take steps to prevent them from coming back in the summer whether you live in Escalon, Ripon, Manteca, River Islands or Lathrop Valley Pest Solutions is your go to pest management company.