Signs You Have a Fly Infestation

It only takes one fly in your house to drive you crazy. When there are dozens, you’ll need to use more than a flyswatter to get rid of them. Female houseflies lay up to 100 eggs at a time, which hatch within 24 hours. Valley Pest Solutions has information on how to spot a fly infestation and what our experienced technicians can do about it.

3 Signs of Fly Infestations

1. Seeing flies in your home

Seeing a fly in your house is the most definitive sign. Several fly species regularly invade homes, so it’s important to identify them correctly if you want to eliminate an infestation successfully.

Houseflies have a gray or black appearance with white coloring below two bulging eyes. They’re found near windows and lights when they’re not flying from room to room. Fruit flies are also common home invaders. They are small flies with red eyes and found near sinks and trash bins.

2. Dark Clusters

Flies leave behind feces wherever they land. Over time, the feces will pile up and look like clusters of black dots. You can find these clusters on windowsills, near sink drains and around trash bins. Look for clusters in out-of-the-way places such as on top of the refrigerator or on high shelves.

3. Finding maggots in Waste

If you spot maggots in your home, it’s a sure sign of a fly infestation. Female flies look for moist, dark areas in which to lay their eggs. They’ll lay them in trash, rotting food and manure. When flies invade your home, they may lay eggs in leftover food on the counter or on feces in the litter box. Maggots will soon emerge from the eggs and feed on the trash or feces.

Professional Fly Control

If flies have taken over your home, don’t reach for a flyswatter. Contact Valley Pest Solutions to set up an appointment with our certified pest control professionals. Whether it’s houseflies or gnats, the infestation will only get worse if you don’t take quick action or use the appropriate treatment methods. Our technicians will correctly identify the flies and treat the pests with fast and effective solutions for preventative control.