Have a Spider Bite?

What Does A Spider Bite Look Like?

It’s important to know that most spiders found in Escalon, Manteca, Ripon and Lathrop, let alone the United States, are harmless. In general, spiders are not venomous and will not seek to harm you. The red bumps we find on our skin are often caused by mosquito or flea bites and other common skin irritations caused by plants, grasses etc.

In most situations if you did not see the spider bite you it is very difficult to say for sure that this is what it is, spiders typically do not bite humans. If you are positive you have a spider bite or you saw it occur, you can keep an eye out for certain symptoms. Swelling, itching, muscle pain and sweating might indicate that you’ve experienced a spider bite.

Not all spider bites are equal. Different types of spiders can cause different types of reactions. In any case if you are ever in doubt contact your doctor for advice. 

In the Manteca, Ripon, Lathrop, Escalon and surrounding areas there are a few common species you can learn to identify.

What Kind of Spider(s) Do I Have In My House, MyYard?

Black Widow Spiders

These spiders have a bad reputation for their poisonous bite. Male black widows rarely ever bite, but a female might bite to defend herself. Female black widows can be identified by their dark color (jet black in most cases)and a red, hourglass-shaped spot on their abdomen. If you are bitten, seek medical help right away. You will likely experience immediate pain along with swelling or redness.

These spiders are usually found in the corners of your garage or dark secluded areas that are least disturbedd. Also, often found under the drip line of your home and are usually tucked away during the day. However, take a flashlight out at night and you will most likely see one or more. 

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders have long legs, a hairy body and broad light and dark stripes alternating going down the length of their body. These spiders do not spin webs and  These spiders often look intimidating but are rarely harmful. Although wolf spiders are non-aggressive, they will bite freely if provoked.  Another aspect unique to wolf spiders is their method of care of young.

Immediately after the spiderlings emerge from their protective silken case that the mother has been carrying around with her for days, they climb up the legs and crowd onto her back. She will carry them around for weeks, till they are able to fend for themselves.

Orb Weaver Spiders

Most easily recognized by their spiral wheel-shaped webs found in your gardens during summer through fall months. They range in colors, shapes and sizes. These spiders are not hunters and rely on their webbing to capture their food. They too are considered harmless to people but can bite if threatened. 

When Should I Call Valley Pest Solutions?

Even though many spiders are not dangerous, they are still creepy and most people don’t want them in their yard lit-a-lone their home. Living in Ripon, Escalon, Manteca and even Lathrop you will inevitably come across these eight-legged creatures. If you want to get rid of the spiders around your home, call an expert. Valley Pest Solutions provides professional pest management services that can help rid your home of your spider problem. Contact Valley Pest Solutions now for a free estimate on your situation.