3 Tips to Keep House Flies Out of Your Kitchen

3 Tips to Keep House Flies Out of Your Kitchen

While they might not be as gross to most people as cockroaches or ants, having a kitchen infested with flies is no picnic. Flies are annoying and filthy. The problem is it is almost impossible to keep them out of your home – especially if you like to keep the windows open when the weather is nice.

Even though it is difficult to keep them out of your home, it is not completely impossible. Here are three tips that you can use to help keep house flies out of your kitchen.

Eliminate Their Food Sources

The most obvious way to reduce the flies in your kitchen is to get rid of the main reason for them coming in: your food. Flies are attracted to just about any sort of food that is left out for too long. This includes food found in all sorts of places, including dirty dishes and the trash. However, the main culprit for bringing flies in has to be over-ripe fruit. Once your fruit starts to go bad, it is essential to either get rid of it or put it in a sealed, air-tight container. The moment flies pick up on the scent of fruit, your home becomes a target.

Use a Natural Deterrent

It is not enough to stop attracting them; some flies will naturally make their way into your home when they are out looking for food. To prevent flies from randomly wandering in, use a natural deterrent. The good news is there are many choices to choose from. If you like to keep your window open, keep herbs like basil and mint on the windowsill – flies try to avoid these. Boil malt vinegar in your home as a way to keep them far, far away.

Clean and Maintain Your Drains

Most people do not realize it, but you can scour your kitchen from top to bottom and still find flies swarming in if you do not take the time to clean out your drains. When you send food down the sink, it does not all wash away. Food particles stay in your garbage disposal and farther down the pipes. 

These particles get smelly enough to start drawing in all sorts of unwanted pests. To help keep your pipes clean and bug-free, pour a mixture of water and ammonia into your sink. Let it sit for a while before sending it on its way. 

If you would like to know more about how to keep your home and kitchen pest-free, the best thing to do is to consult professionals. Contact us at Valley Pest Solutions today to learn more.