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California’s lovely climate attracts many ants, and their presence often creates a nuisance or a hazard for residents and business owners. Here at Valley Pest Solutions, we’re available to eradicate any type of ant in Manteca, Ripon, Escalon, Lathrop, River Islands, Salida, and Stockton. Here are just a few of the most common ants that we are regularly hired to eliminate.

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Argentine Ants

These ants prefer to live outside in huge colonies, but they don’t stay outside because they want the food that can be found inside of your home. You could potentially have trails that are made up of millions of ants marching into your home to descend on your pet’s food bowl or any other food source.

Pavement Ants

Great numbers of these ants often take up residence under floors and inside of walls. They’ll all come out together to form trails in search of food, and they don’t mind giving you a good sting if you try to stop them from covering your kitchen counters.

Pharaoh Ants

These small yellow ants tend to build nesting sites throughout your entire household in places that include behind baseboards, inside of walls and in the refrigerator insulation. Several colonies are usually found together, and it’s common to spot them searching your home for any available food.

Thief Ants

Considered one of the tiniest ants on the planet, these ants can easily find their way into your sugar bowl, boxes of cereal and any open bags of pet food. They tend to live in the smallest of cracks in the walls or in the kitchen cupboards.

Carpenter Ants

While they don’t actually eat wood, these ants are capable of causing structural damage to homes because of their wood- destroying tendencies. These are large ants that live in huge colonies, and they’ll completely remove all of the wood from the inside of your walls as they make tunnels for easy travel.

Fire Ants

Large dirt mounds in your yard are a sign of fire ants, and that’s bad news because these ants are dangerous. As many as 250,000 ants may attack you at once if you approach their nesting site, and they provide a painful venomous sting that may prove fatal to sensitive individuals.

Odorous House Ants

As many as 100,000 ants from a single colony may invade your home, and they’ll spend days and nights searching for food. Their sheer numbers are overwhelming, and they’ll take over your kitchen in minutes.

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Ant Eradication

Here at Valley Pest Solutions, our professional pest management team understands exactly how to locate the nesting sites, properly identify the ants and eliminate the entire colony. We use only California state-approved products, and we carry the right material to address any type of ant. We use a variety of baits, dusting powders, liquid treatments, spot treatments and void treatments. In addition to these treatment methods, we also incorporate IPM in managing ants to prevent new infestation from occurring.

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If you suspect the presence of ants, then contact us here at VPS. We’ll take care of your ant problem or any other pest control issue that you may be dealing with.