What Is Integrated Pest Management?

If you have insects in your home or business, don’t just pick up a spray can of insecticide to deal with the problem. Although some insects spread disease, cause property damage or sting people and pets, other insects are beneficial to the environment. Many are harmless and become pests only when they invade our living spaces.

New approaches to pest management use scientific principles to determine where pests breed and live, what they eat and what deters them from establishing themselves in unwanted places. Integrated pest management combines scientific principles with common sense to eradicate insect and animal pests and deter them from re-establishing nests and colonies.

Principles of Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management focuses on eliminating and controlling pests with minimal use of harmful chemicals. The first step in effective pest eradication is identification of the actual pest. For example, there are several types of ants that are active in the greater Stockton area. However, treatment is not the same for all types. Proper identification of the pest allows formulation of a treatment plan that gets rid of the pests and keeps them from coming back.

Treatment plans are designed to eliminate breeding grounds, remove sources of food and water and use external agents to control pests. Because the pest’s biological cycle is understood, IPM methods make your living space unattractive and discourage infestations.

Valley Pest Solutions examines the inside and outside of your property to find places pests enter and nest. We recommend ways to repair cracks and holes, keep gutters clean, route moisture away from the structure and remove objects and clutter that serve as nesting grounds. We show you ways to remove sources of food and water. We also encourage frequent inspection and monitoring to evaluate whether pests have returned.

We use baits, biological agents and repellents to eradicate pests and control re-infestations. When chemical treatments are required, we use the least harmful agent that will get the job done.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We believe that each of us has a role to play in maintaining the health and safety of the environment. That is why Valley Pest Solutions offers environmentally friendly pest management solutions. Our technicians are trained in the principles of IPM and are certified by GreenPro to use effective, non-invasive pest control methods whenever possible.

Our Guarantees

We run our family-owned business with the goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you find that the pests we treated return before the next scheduled treatment, we will send a pest management team back to your business or home to correct the problem. Contact Valley Pest Solutions to schedule a free inspection. We serve the greater Stockton area including Ripon, Morada and Farmington.