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The Financial Cost of a Pest Infestation

Although the arrival of an unexpected pest infestation is a real fear for many homeowners, the real fear may truly lie in the cost of hiring a pest control expert. Of course, removing pests from your property does not happen for free, unless you try to do it yourself. But, it should not cost you a fortune.

The costs of removing pests from your home will from company to company. It will also be determined by the type of pest you need to have removed. Here is a sampling of some of the costs associated with professional pest removal.



  1. Cost of removal: $150 to $1,500.
  2. Methods of removal: Bait and sprays.


  1. Cost of removal: $100 to $700.
  2. Methods of removal: Bait and traps.


  1. of removal: $100 to $1,600./li>
  2. Methods of removal: Bait and traps.

Bed Bugs

  1. Cost: $1,000 to $3,500.
  2. Methods of removal: Pesticides and treatments.


  1. Cost: $400 to $3,500.
  2. Methods of removal: Bait and insecticides.

Should I Wait To Get Pest Control Services?

If you cannot wait to have the pests removed from your home, most extermination companies offer emergency services, but they do not come cheap. Many companies charge additional 10 to 30 percent of the normal cost to come out in an emergency. If you cannot pay the extra cost, try to tolerate the infestation a bit longer so you do not have to pay the up-charge.

Most companies will quote you a price before you schedule to appointment. If possible, request quotes from as many different companies as possible. Choose the company that offers the most useful of services at the most affordable price. It is not advisable to simply go with the cheapest company, as they might not do the best job. Similarly, the most expensive companies may include services that you do not need.

Reach out to Valley Pest Solutions for inquiries or emergency pest control. Valley Pest control has been serving families in and around Joaquin County with quality services and customer support. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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