Rat Trap

How To Keep Rats and Mice Out During Cold Months

By the time September comes around, it’s a sign to be prepared for rats and mice coming into your home for warmth. Each year, they are ready to crawl into the cracks of your wall and get into your pantry. Here are some methods to prevent these rodents from entering your home:

Use a Bait Test

One way to learn if you have rodents nearby is to place a small amount of food near a suspicious but viewable area. You can jot down their movements and pattern in a notebook. You can even figure out when is the best time of day to set traps for them. Avoid using any poisons if you have young children in your household.

Inspect Your Food Supply

It’s important to check your pantry for any signs of food tampering from the rodents’ biting. Sometimes, they may leave droppings around your food storage. Be prepared to sanitize and throw away any uncanned food. You can clean canned foods with soap and water.

Keep Your Spaces Dry

These rodents love to house themselves in damp spaces. During the colder months, lower temperatures cause the air to hold less moisture. The moisture will form into condensation droplets on top of cold surfaces. Check for any spaces that may be affected by moisture and keep them dry. A dehumidifier can help keep condensation from forming in your home.

Shrub and Lawn Care

If you have outgrown or large shrubbery in front of your house, take the time to trim them down to avoid the rodents creating a nest for their families. If they can’t access your food supply, rats and mice tend to eat the weeds from your lawn or your driveway cracks. Mow your lawns and grab weedkillers for your concrete areas.

Far from Firewood

If you have a fireplace, it’s time to move your firewood. Firewood can provide rats and mice shelter if the wood is on the soil. The best course of action is to move the wood onto a firewood rack or a hard-surfaced floor to prevent future rodent housing.

Proofing Your Home

Both rodent’s love entering your home and making their home with holes. That includes the gaps under your door and within your vents. Adjust a door sweep under your doors and screens for your vents, windows, and chimney.

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