How To Handle Summer Pests

Everyone loves the summer! School’s out, and it’s time to head to the beach and go on vacation! The only negative thing about summer is that it’s very hot out, which can pave the way for lots of bugs to mingle in and around your home. Here a few ways that you can handle these summer pests and have a bug-free home!


Ants are a huge problem for people during the summer months. The key thing that you can do to prevent ants in your home is to eliminate any food residue. For example, after you eat a meal, don’t leave crumbs all over the floor around the kitchen table. If you take out the trash, make sure nothing falls out of the trash while you’re doing so. Most importantly, take out your trash frequently. Ants are very attracted to food debris, and will make their home in your home if they feel that they can survive there.

You should also pick up your pets’ food bowls after they’re done eating, and keep food stored near the ground in sealed containers. Doing these few things can prevent ants from coming into your home in the first place.

Fruit Flies

The same rule goes for fruit flies, too. You shouldn’t leave food out in the open because it will attract them into your home. And just like their name, fruit flies are attracted to fruit, so if you have a fresh fruit bowl in your kitchen, you should cover it or put it in the pantry for the summer.

If your fruit fly problem just seems to be getting worse, you can make a very easy trap to help eliminate the problem. You just need a mason jar, and some beer! Just fill the mason jar with beer halfway, and then poke little holes in the lid of the mason jar. The fruit flies will go into the holes because they are attracted to the beer. They won’t be able to come back out, and will drown in the beer. It’s a very simple trap that will only take a few minutes!


Mosquitoes are probably the worst summer pests of all. Their bites can itch for days, and some of them carry diseases. To prevent mosquitoes from being in and around your home, you can light citronella candles. This is very effective and usually works right away. You can also buy some essential oils and sprinkle them in rooms where mosquitoes tend to be in your home. Mosquitoes don’t like lavender, almond, or eucalyptus essential oils, so any one of them can help get rid of mosquitoes right away.

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