How to Avoid Bringing Home Christmas Tree Pests

How to Avoid Bringing Home Christmas Tree Pests

About 20% of American households place a real Christmas tree in their home during this time of year.. While a real tree is a great addition during the Christmas season, there are intruding guests that could arrive — pests. Common pests that live on these plants are earwigs, spiders, mites and more. Before you buy a tree or take one into your home, check out these ways to avoid bringing home unwanted guests for Christmas. 

Shop at the Right Time

Going Christmas tree shopping is a very exciting venture for any individual or family. Many people envision the perfect tree. While we cannot always control when we can go shopping, there are specific times that are the best time to shop for yourChristmas tree. You may have noticed that many people in movies or television shows shop for trees at night, but you should do the complete opposite. It is harder to spot these unwanted guests on Christmas trees at night. But,  if you do go at night, make sure to bring a good flashlight and that you look  thoroughly through those branches, before putting into your car. 

Check the Underside of the Branches

The first step to take when looking at Christmas trees is to check the underside of its branches. Pests tend to hide under these branches to avoid the sun, harsh temperatures and predators. While checking the tree, look for spider egg sacs and other insects. If you go home and notice that your tree has eggs or insects on a few branches, make sure to clip all areas they reside in before bringing it inside. 

Keep it Outside for 24-Hours

Once you get your Christmas tree, you are going to want to set it up immediately. But before you start the fun, you need to keep the tree outside for at least 24 hours. This gives you enough time to give one last thorough check and for these pests to leave on their own. 

By following these steps above, you can thoroughly enjoy and decorate your Christmas tree without few if any issues. If these pests do find a way into your home, Valley Pest Solutions can help you. Contact us for more information.