Common Spiders Both Dangerous and Helpful That Can Be Found in Your Area

With 66 different species of spiders found in California alone, you are bound to cross paths with one more often than not. Many people are scared stiff at the sight of spiders, but the trick is to know which of these arachnids are harmless and which are dangerous. Here are some common spiders that may be found around your area that you should get familiar with.

The Western Black Widow Spider

The Western Black Widow is a fairly common species in California. They are about one-third of an inch in size and have a bulbous abdomen. The easiest way to identify the adult female spider is to look out for its shiny, dark body and reddish-orange hourglass pattern on the underside of its abdomen.

This spider is not known to bite unless provoked, but even one bite is something you want to avoid. Their bites have toxins that can affect your nervous system, causing things like chest and muscle pain, nausea and lesions.

While the adult Western Black Widow can be easily spotted, immature spider patterns and colors vary at different stages. So make sure you are also able to identify those as well.

The Desert and Chilean Recluse Spiders

The Desert Recluse is the most common type of recluse living in California. And the Chilean Recluse is considered a more toxic spider in the recluse family. They are both tan or solid brown and can be one and a half to 2 inches in size.

These spiders are not naturally aggressive, but will bite if their space is invaded. Some symptoms you may experience when bitten are blistering, chills, fever and nausea.

Bites from these spiders can have various effects, so it is important to be observant and to go to a hospital right away if ever bitten.

The Common House Spider

As the name suggests, the Common House Spider is quite common. They are less than one quarter of an inch in size and are likely to be found inside homes.

These small arachnids can live just about anywhere. They often build webs in corners of basements, attics, and gardens. The good news, though, is that they are not dangerous to humans.

These spiders can be helpful in getting rid of insects like flies and mosquitoes. If you find these tiny, brown creatures, consider keeping them around.

The Black and Yellow Garden Spider

This spider is, of course, black and yellow along with some shades of brown and silver. They are mostly seen outdoors on their enormous webs, and can look intimidating. But there is no need to be scared.

The Black and Yellow Garden Spider can reach about one and one-eighth of an inch, not including their legs. And they are commonly found in gardens, low foliage, or man-made structures. They are not known for biting humans and are a great way to control pests.

The next time you spot an eight-legged creature, first try to identify it before deciding what to do and contact Valley Pest Solutions for more information. Although there are spiders that are harmful, some can help in keeping unwanted pests under control.