5 Surprising Places You Can Encounter Bed Bugs

In the last few years, property owners and pest experts have noted the rise in bed bug infestations in residential and commercial sites. According to pest management professionals, the rapid spread of bed bug infestations could be partly due to people traveling and moving more than they did previously. These bugs are good at hitchhiking on pets, people and stuff to move to other sites where they can multiply quickly.

1. Hotels and motels are top spots for bed bug encounters

The transient nature of hotel and motel residents make these places the perfect spots for picking up bed bugs. Travelers coming from places with ineffective pest management practices can, without their knowledge, spread bed bugs that have found hiding places in their luggage and clothes. Some of these hotels do not change or sanitize the bed covers after every guest, so make sure to remove the covers and inspect the mattress and other furniture for evidence of bed bugs if you are staying in hotels.

2. Check your car or truck especially if you go on road trips a lot.

Bed bugs have also been found nesting in the seams of upholstery in cars and other vehicles. Once picked up from hotels and other public places, bed bugs can establish a new habitat anywhere warm, dry and frequented by people, their main source of food. Public conveyances such as buses and taxis may also harbor bed bugs carried into it by previous passengers. 

3. Inspect used furniture before bringing them into your house.

Opting for used furniture is good way to recycle, but inspect and sanitize items that come from thrift and vintage stores or passed down to you by someone else. Inspect the seams and possible hiding places thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs.

4. Go through your clean and dirty clothes if you suspect bed bugs where you have been.

Bed bugs can squeeze into small spaces that are no thicker than a credit card. If you think there’s a chance that you’ve been in a place with bed bugs, inspect every article of clothing that you had with you before discarding in a laundry basket or hanging back in your closet. Do this especially carefully if you are already experiencing other evidence of bed bugs such as the telltale bite marks on your body.

5. Check your closets and laundry room.

Bed bugs like to stay near the bed because they feed at night as hosts sleep. However, if these pests were introduced into your home through clothes and luggage, adult bed bugs will survive in closets and laundry rooms for about five months without a blood meal.

Early detection and prevention are the best ways to manage bed bug problems. Pest management pros from Valley Pest Solutions are available to help you find the most effective way to resolve your infestation problem and prevent recurrence.