5 Effective Ways to Keep Flies out of Your House

From your regular old house flies to pesky drain flies, they are a nuisance to our homes and our families. Maintaining a fly-free home can be a challenge but knowing why they are coming in as well as where they are gaining access is huge in preventing them from infesting your home any longer. Below are some great ways to put a halt to their constant entry.

Seal Potential Points of Entry

Flies tend to enter homes anywhere that is not properly sealed or through completely open entrances. A great way to prevent them from continuing to find ways in is to repair any and all mesh that has been damaged in your windows or screen doors

Furthermore, caulking around your windows will seal gaps and small crevices that you can’t see but utilize. It is also important to make sure that all garages and cellar doors stay closed. If these are opened, make sure that they do not stay ajar for extended periods of time.

Remove Attractions

Flies are known to be attracted by any and all food. Cleaning dishes in a timely manner after use, cleaning counters and tables all make a huge difference. There shouldn’t be any food debris left on any tabletop or counter in order to ensure they don’t feel inclined to find a way in. 

In addition, making sure your dishwasher door is closed all the way and being mindful of your garbage, compost and pet food all make a difference. All of your garbage cans should be covered, compost should be outside of the home and pet bowls should be cleaned or covered between meals to make sure there is absolutely nothing attracting the flies into the home. 

Invest in Fly-Repellent Plants

Many herbs act as insect repellents and if you keep any on your windowsill or anywhere in your home, look into including these into the mix:

  1. Basil
  2. Bayleaf
  3. Mint
  4. Rosemary
  5. Lavender

It would also be clever to look into a Venus Fly-trap, as their advantage is in the name.

Use Essential Oils

Like herbs, many different essential oils are efficient in repelling insects. It is noted that Lemongrass tends to succeed much more professionally than the rest. 

Placing some oil diffusers or using a spray in the areas that flies tend to congregate would be a huge help in preventing them from finding interest in your home any further. 


There are many different traps you can invest in whether it be a reusable trap, flypaper, disposable hanging trap, bug zapper or a makeshift apple-cider vinegar trap. Any kind of trap set up around the house would not only show you the accumulation of the flies in the house but will help you distinguish how bad the infestation is. 

Setting traps is a great easy fix but incorporating all different forms or repellent/preventative measures will make a noticeable difference in whether flies will continue to make their way into your home. 

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