3 Tips for Tick Prevention as Tick Season Approaches

3 Tips for Tick Prevention as Tick Season Approaches

With the summer months on the horizon, people will be spending more time outside, which means more exposure to ticks. More than just a nuisance, ticks can transmit illnesses such as Lyme disease. 

We know all about pests here at Valley Pest Solutions. Our pest control experts specialize in keeping homes, businesses, and properties pest free. If you notice an excessive amount of ticks on your home or property, we can help!

Check out these 3 tips for tick prevention as tick season approaches.

How Dangerous is a Tick Bite?

A tick bite is a common way for a person to contract Lyme Disease. Symptoms of this bloodsucker’s bite can include rash, headaches, fever and joint pain. The longer a tick is attached, the greater the risk of being infected.

If you find a tick on your person, act quickly—but safely—to remove it. Certain over-the-counter medications, such as antihistamine tablets or anesthetic spray with benzocaine, can help treat symptoms if you don’t see a doctor.

Keep it Tucked in

If you’re headed out for a camping trip or weekend excursion, watch what you wear. Try not to wear loose-fitting clothes, and if you do, wear long sleeves or a jacket. In wooded areas, wear long pants outside and stuff your pant legs into your socks. Not covering your arms and legs is a recipe for a tick bite. 

DEET is Your Friend

Every summer, ticks are a major source of concern for pet owners and hikers alike. This is especially true if you live in a rural zone where Lyme disease is prevalent. To protect yourself from tick bites, have DEET readily available.

DEET has been used as a repellent for more than five decades. It’s highly effective against pests such as ticks.

A Clean Yard is a Pest-Free Yard

Keeping your grass trimmed and your yard well-maintained is important for pest control. Ticks and other pests do not like sunlight one bit. Pick up any old leaves or plant litter lying around. This advice applies to both homes and businesses. 

Don’t let standing water from rainfall or leaks remain near your home or business. Ticks are always on the lookout for damper, shadier spots and areas with vegetation overgrowth. Don’t give them a chance to make themselves at home.

Valley Pest Solutions Will Ensure Your Home or Business is Pest-Free

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